Some services were not done to my expectations. However, at my request, repairs were addressed to my satisfaction. However, the time transpired between the initial completed work and the corrections to the completed work took an extended amount of time. The finished product was done very well.
Donna Akina
The quality and the timeline was very well done! The contractor that came into our home was clean and organized, he was on time and talked us through his stay for the project. Travis (the owner) is customer oriented and wants the best for his clients as far as quality and service! Thank you for your service we will continue to use your business for future project and we are glad to spread the word! -The Gibson Family
Tiffany Gibson
Beautiful flooring, install team courteous, productive and prompt...a bit pricey but the end product is exactly what we wanted. The Owner Travis seems to be a hard worker with integrity but really needs a secretary to keep track of his appointments and growing business.
John/Sharon Buchanan
The Owner and Sales person were very nice and professional. However there was a lot of miscommunication between the installation crew and the owner. I was told the job was going to start on a specific date and time, and they didn't know up on time. I was also told that the job would be completed tops in five days and it took them over 7 days for the job to be completed. The previous linoleum floor was not remove (it was very thin and stuck to the concrete), so this made some of the floor feel uneven. Three major areas were address, but there are still some parts that feel a bit uneven. According to the installers and owner it is normal for flooting floors to do this. The shower (1) and showers (2) are still missing the strip that goes on the bottom. On one of the last days they were finishing the floors, all three toilets were removed leaving us with no working toilets. The crew blamed me for it, stating that I had told them not to reinstall them. I specifically said that as long as we had one I was ok with it. The carpet crew didn't install the carpet correctly on the stairs and covered a power outlet that was on the floor, so they had to come back on a different day to redo the job. The whole experience was very stressful... and we were also told by both the sales person and the owner that we wouldn't have to pay until one of them did a complete walk thru with us. We were charge even before the job was completed and we are still waiting for the walk thru to take place. There were so many other issues during the installation but I don't have the time or the energy to list them all. Both the sales person and the owner seem to be very nice people and I wouldn't like this post to be posted in any public site, but I did feel the need to share our experience with someone. You may contact me if you feel it's necessary 818-433-1071 Thank you, Thank you
Edith Rubi
The floors look awesome! The workers were very courteous and true professionals.
Arturo Ybarra
Quality products and professional installation.
Alan Leyendecker
I was very impressed with the installers. They respected me and my home while they worked. They were very quick while installing the Armstrong Rigid Core throughout my 3 bedroom home. They cleaned up after themselves each day. I love my new flooring since there is no transition between any of my rooms, the floor is easy to clean and I love the consistency throughout.
Virginia Morales
Travis and his crew were awesome to work with. Out of town moves are always challenging, but Travis’s clear communication allowed us to get the house renovated before we moved in. I was very happy with the way they took care of us. They kept their word when a few hiccups developed and left us with a gorgeous final product. Would definitely recommend to a friend!
Matthew Van Hoof
The work wasn’t worth the price we paid, while it may look good , that is only because we had to do adjustments to cover the jagged cuts they made in the laminate. We purchased all the items for the laminate flooring, which included all items for waterproofing. They did not use the items to make it waterproofed, we had to hire someone else to come in and fix it. The owner lacks in proper communication skills with customers, he sends text messages that are as long as Hary Potter novels. The slide show they show to get you to hire them, they don’t follow. No one in a supervisory position came to inspect and or speak to us in regards to the job. They do not have permanent contractors, and they take on jobs that they do not have the man power for. I gave 5 stars, because of the simple fact of the contractor bringing his teenage sons to do the work, and those kids.. without full training, did a decent job
Brandy Castilleja
Paul and Travis were amazing! Took their time to discuss in detail all options and pricing and current home floor! Now I want to have the my whole home redone.
Stephanie Fernandes