Marble tile flooring ciboloNatural stone tile like marble is a wonderful choice for homeowners looking to add durability and value to their home. Marble is a versatile option that can be installed as tile flooring, countertops, and backsplashes. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio cover the things you need to know if you’re considering installing marble tile in your Cibolo home.

What is Marble Tile?

Marble is a type of limestone that forms naturally within the earth under intense heat and pressure. This stone is cut into slabs that can be transformed into the tile features commonly seen in homes. Often considered an elegant choice, marble’s unique vein patterning and colors make it a coveted aesthetic. This stone can come in a variety of naturally occurring colors including white, black, pink, and green. Tiles can be tumbled, polished, or honed to create a variety of looks in the home.

Marble Tile Durability

Like most natural stone tile, marble is incredibly durable, which allows it to have a long lifespan. This is one reason why it can add resale value to your home! It will be difficult to dent or crack a marble floor. However, unlike some denser stones like granite, marble is porous. This makes it somewhat more susceptible to surface scratches, especially if it’s polished. This damage can be avoided provided you take special care to prevent damage from shoes, grit, or pet nails.

marble tile floor cibolo

Water Resistance and Marble

Marble is compatible with moisture-prone rooms, as it will not warp, expand, or contract due to spills or changes in humidity. However, this type of stone must be sealed properly prior to installation, especially in wet rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. This is because the pores in marble tile have the potential to absorb liquid, which could lead to discoloration. Be sure your tile stone is properly sealed when installing it in such rooms.

Maintaining Marble Tile Flooring

Marble can last a lifetime with the proper care. Sweep your tile regularly to remove abrasive grit that could otherwise scratch its surface. Go the extra mile by investing in a few indoor mats or runners to aid in keeping shoes and pet claws off of your marble floors.

As a member of the limestone family, marble has a negative chemical reaction with acidic substances. Liquids like coffee, vinegar, and citrus juice can permanently stain your marble tile floor. Prevent acid staining by only cleaning your marble with stone-friendly, pH neutral cleaners. And of course, be sure to re-seal your stone every 3-5 years or whenever necessary to avoid discoloration from other liquids.

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