Granite tile could be a stunning, sophisticated addition to your Cibolo home. This durable natural stone tiling has a distinct appearance and can be used in various ways including indoors, outdoors, as flooring, as countertops, or as a backsplash. Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio is happy to offer granite tile flooring for your Cibolo home.

Why Granite Tile Flooring is Right for You

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Visually Appealing

Granite tiles can be found in various shades, including gray, brown, black, and red. The distinct pattern of granite – dotted or mottled with various other shades – creates a distinct and attractive appearance. These attributes make granite an eye-catching and popular choice. Granite has an air of sophistication, and its variety of natural colors will suit any home.


Granite is one of the most durable natural stones. In fact, granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. Out of all stone tiles, granite is the most resistant to scratching and cracking. With a few simple care considerations, granite can last a lifetime.

Low Maintenance

Due to its natural durability, granite is a very low-maintenance flooring option. Simply sweep and mop the flooring, and take care of spills and debris quickly – particularly gritty substances – to avoid scratching polished granite.

Where Can I Use Granite Tile Flooring?

The durability and visual appeal of granite make it a versatile addition to your home. Granite is excellent indoors, outdoors, in damp areas, or in dry rooms. Granite can be used as an unconventional living room floor or as a stunning addition to your kitchen. Most commonly, granite is used in bathrooms, outdoor areas, and kitchens. For areas where the floor becomes wet, unpolished granite is ideal because it’s less slippery.

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To learn more about granite tile flooring, give the team at Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio a call! We’re happy to help you decide if granite is right for you. Book a free in-home consultation today! We proudly serve Northeast San Antonio, New Braunfels, Schertz and surrounding areas.

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