Add personality, history, and rustic appeal to your Cibolo home with reclaimed wood flooring. This stunning and unique alternative to traditional wood flooring utilizes recycled wood gathered from various sources. Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio is proud to bring reclaimed hardwood to your Cibolo home.

reclaimed hardwood

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Flooring


The wood used to craft reclaimed wood flooring can come from a variety of sources, like old homes, barn doors, or church steps. Each plank has a story behind it. Reclaimed hardwood brings a bit of history into your home.


Reclaimed wood is rescued rather than manufactured, which means it’s not standardized or one-size-fits-all. A variety of different looks and styles are possible with reclaimed wood flooring. Reclaimed wood will be a unique flooring that sets your home apart.

Visual Appeal

The unique origins of reclaimed wood flooring create a distinct and intriguing flooring. An authentically rustic look is easily achievable with reclaimed wood. When sanded and refinished, reclaimed wood bears the same classic beauty of hardwood flooring with the benefit of distinct character.

Eco-Friendlyreclaimed hardwood flooring

Reclaimed wood is a recycled flooring. Created from pre-existing wood planks and given new purpose, these floors don’t involve any new trees being cut down. This makes reclaimed wood flooring an ideal eco-friendly option.


Reclaimed hardwood is just as durable as brand-new hardwood. The rustic appeal of reclaimed hardwood means you actually have to worry less about dents or scratches.

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