Vinyl is not a flooring that’s associated with luxury. Quite the opposite, in fact. Vinyl has gained a reputation for being a cheap flooring option, both in price and quality. This might’ve been true in the past, but it’s far from accurate now. Vinyl has undergone some major upgrades in recent history. Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio is here to set the record straight about vinyl flooring.

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Most vinyl is created by printing an image underneath the wear layer of vinyl. However, there’s a big difference between patterned sheet vinyl and newer vinyl options such as luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl can be used to recreate expensive materials such as stone and wood with photorealistic accuracy. Luxury vinyl is thicker than regular sheet vinyl, and often textured to match the material it’s mimicking. The result is a visually appealing flooring that looks like expensive materials such as hardwood or stone, only at a fraction of the price.


Many modern vinyl planks and tiles are created using extreme heat and pressure, which gives them extremely hard and tightly bonded layers. Unlike vinyl sheets, vinyl planks and tiles are also easily replaceable if damaged.


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Vinyl flooring has never been difficult or expensive to install, but nowadays it’s even simpler. Vinyl tiles and planks are created to snap together with ease and can be easily stuck to the floor. Vinyl sheets do require careful measurements to perfectly fit a room, but they can be similarly stuck to a subfloor with ease.


The price of vinyl is one thing that’s stayed consistent: vinyl is an affordable, low-cost flooring option. Sheet vinyl is the most affordable type of vinyl. Luxury vinyl tile and planks are also an incredibly budget-friendly option, particularly when compared to the types of material they mimic – like hardwood and natural stone. Luxury vinyl is the most expensive style of vinyl.

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