Who doesn’t love hardwood? Its timeless look and promising durability make it a versatile option that homeowners can’t get enough of. However, this organic material is not ideal for every home or room. Large pets and forgotten spills can be the demise of your hardwood floor!

Thankfully, Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio offers a selection of hardwood alternatives that can stand up to the everyday challenges that real wood can’t. Read below to learn about our three favorite hardwood alternatives for Universal City homeowners!

Luxury Vinyl Plankluxury vinyl plank universal city

Perhaps one of the most enticing wood-look alternatives on our list is luxury vinyl plank (LVP). This form of vinyl comes in thick, interlocking planks that are manufactured to look just like real hardwood. They’re even imprinted with a wood-grain texture to give them a stunningly realistic appearance.

What makes luxury vinyl plank so appealing to Universal City homeowners is its water-resistant qualities. When installed properly, LVP can even be waterproof! It won’t warp, stain, or cusp like real hardwood can in moisture-prone rooms. This makes it a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, or basements. LVP is also quite resilient and scratch-resistant, making it a wonderful alternative for pet owners who might otherwise worry about claw scratches or pet accidents ruining their hardwoods.

wood-look tile in universal city

Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look tile is ceramic or porcelain that is manufactured in plank shapes and printed with a realistic wood-grain texture and image. Like luxury vinyl plank, wood-look tile is a wonderful choice for pet owners or moisture-prone areas of the home, as it is highly water resistant and scratch resistant.

However, tile can be hard and cold underfoot, making it less comfortable to stand on than real hardwood or even LVP. On the other hand, wood-look tile is one of the only hardwood alternatives that can safely be paired with radiant heating. Such a heating system could cause warping or discoloration in real hardwood and vinyl, but it pairs perfectly with ceramic or porcelain wood-look tile.

Laminate hardwood in universal city

Laminate Hardwood

Laminate flooring is a classic choice amongst homeowners looking for a wood-look alternative. Laminate combines a fiberboard core, a photographic layer, and a clear protective coating to create hardwood-look planks. This wood alternative will feel most like hardwood underfoot, and while it is more water resistant than real wood, it is still susceptible to swelling and warping from excess moisture. This is a safe choice for kitchens and basements but not bathrooms.

Homeowners love laminate as a hardwood alternative because it is very easy to install, and it is also very affordable. This makes it a great choice for home renovations or for quick resale-value-boosting projects. Laminate hardwood can often be installed over existing flooring for a quick and easy installation project.

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Hardwood flooring is durable, beautiful, and often coveted, but it simply doesn’t work for every homeowner. That’s why we love these hardwood alternatives so much! Contact Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect wood-lookalike for your Universal City home. We proudly serve Northeast San Antonio, New Braunfels, Schertz and surrounding areas.

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