new braunfels carpet types

For homeowners in New Braunfels, carpet can be a tricky business. If you’re looking to buy a new carpet, where do you start? Floor Coverings International NE San Antonio is your go-to local flooring business, and we recommend starting right here with our guide to four of the most common carpet types available!

Nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool are each fine fiber materials in their own right, but read below to start thinking about which one will fit your personal living space.


Nylon carpet is the most resilient of all the fiber types on this list. It will resist stains to a high degree if treated with protective sealants, and it makes for excellent flooring in family homes where pets and kids mean the occasional accident. This is a reliable, low-maintenance option for busy families on the go, leaving more time to enjoy those spare moments of relaxation without worrying about carpet damage.


Polyester is another synthetic fiber like nylon, engineered for human comfort. This fiber is not as durable or resilient as nylon, being more receptive to stains in general. Making up for this, it possesses a more luxurious look and feel for a higher-end flooring experience overall. Polyester does well in homes with normal foot traffic.

new braunfels carpet types


Olefin may be the most complex entry on this list. Due to its nuanced interactions with different types of carpet damage, it is somewhat difficult to get a feel for just how resilient olefin is. When it comes to staining, olefin does quite well. Olefin is hydrophobic, meaning it resists liquid — a good trait in a carpet!

But as for soiling, olefin is also oleophilic, meaning it will quickly absorb oil-based liquids, presenting a challenge to anyone who tries scrubbing the fibers clean. One final positive about olefin is that it does an excellent job resisting mold and mildew.


Wool is the only natural carpet on this list, and its softness is unmatched in the world of carpeting. It features some natural oil resistance, but wool also suffers from stain absorption. Wool is a highly desirable and long-lasting carpet for those who prioritize comfort in the home, and for those who can manage to handle stains quickly and with the right cleaning agents.

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